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“Are you feeling stressed, tired, stiff, achy, and overwhelmed with everything you have to juggle in life?” Do you think that you are not flexible enough to do Yoga? Think Again. Practicing Yoga will give you renewed energy, help you feel calm, relieve tension, aches and niggles and improve your flexibility so that you can feel better fast.

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What is Yoga

Yoga is an ancient system comprising of physical exercises and stretches, some of which are flowing sequences (asanas); particular methods to observe and deepen the breath (pranayama); concentration (dhyana); relaxation and mindfulness meditation.

The Benefits of Yoga:

  • Pain Relief – in the back, neck and shoulders. Throughout the joints of the body.
  • Relief of tension – throughout the body and as a way to deal with stress. The various ways of stretching, softening and opening through the muscles of the body bring a noticeable alleviating of tension. If we are stressed, worried or in pain we often stiffen and tense up as a result. Yoga teaches you ways to dissolve this tension away therefore feeling energised and with better inner resources to deal with life’s challenges. Yoga relaxes us deeply and “turns off” the mental chatter of the mind.
  • For Relaxation – the class always includes a 10 minute lying down, led relaxation practice at the end. Students report feeling refreshed and deeply rested from this. Guided Relaxation allows your nervous system to switch from sympathetic to parasympathetic, giving the body and mind much needed calm to heal and repair.
  • Flexibility, suppleness, strength and tone of the body.
  • Other benefits include a greater sense of calm, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, improved concentration and mental focus. Yoga can also help with healing or alleviating depression and anxiety.

Yoga Classes Stroud

Please see the “Classes page” for details of the Yoga sessions taught by Lisa.